Juvik people of today

Juvik people of today « Juvikfolket i dag » is a collaborative project together with Lenart Lipovšek, looking at the island community of Jøa in Ytre Namdal, Norway. As immigrants, we…


Outliers A bittersweet tribute to a remote corner of Norway.Isle of Jøa.64° 39′ 17.39″ N11° 16′ 15.00″ E


Brest Pictures from France’s westernmost city, in Brittany.


Cruise When boats are bigger than cities. Photographic study (2014 – 2018) of cruise ships daily visiting the city of Ålesund in Norway during the summer season. Some…

From here to there

From here to there Suspended moments from ordinary situations. Taken with both digital and film cameras.

[[ ]]

[[ ]] Some results from experimenting with double exposure on 35mm film as well as film winding uncontrolled issues.


North Landscapes from Norway. Taken with digital and film cameras.

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